Frequently Asked Questions

What is the John A. Gupton Alumni Association?

The John A. Gupton Alumni Association is a Non-Profit organization, operating in con-junction with John A. Gupton College. Every graduate of John A. Gupton College is member by default. The association strives to maintain relationships with its alumni, present and future students.

Who owns John A. Gupton College?

The college is owned by the Alumni members of John A. Gupton.

How many graduates are there of John A. Gupton College?

Currently there are over 2,300 graduates.

What is the purpose of paying member dues?

Paying member dues help offset the cost of the Alumni Newsletter and allow more services to be provided to alumni members. Benefits available to alumni paying members, to include: discounts at hotel during the annual reunion, employment opportunities, and email updates that may benefit the member.

What is the purpose of the Endowment Fund and is it tax deductible?

The Endowment Fund ensures that the college can continue business operations should the enrollment drop and the college has to operate within those means. Financial donations to the association and college do fall under the IRS charitable contributions gift clause, provided you meet that deduction.

Individuals 70 ½ years old and older may make CHARITABLE GIFTS directly from their IRA’s to a church or charity and exclude the amount of their gift from their Gross Income. To qualify for this, the gift must be directly from the IRA account to the administrator of the charity, must be 70 ½ or older, and the maximum amount of transfer is $100,000. (Federal Legislation, 2015)

When, where and what is the Annual Alumni Reunion?

The annual alumni reunion is usually held the first weekend in August of every year in Nashville, TN. This event gives an alumna the opportunity to reunite old friendships, make new ones, and show their pride for the college. The reunion starts on Friday evening with a reception. Saturday starts off with a sponsored breakfast and the annual business meeting which is held at the college, followed by a banquet dinner with the installation of new officers in the evening. All alumni are invited to attend.